It is important to us that our skill sets and workshops benefit you.  Therefore, customization to your needs is key. Our workshops are based on research with an emphasis on behaviours that cultivate leadership effectiveness and high employee performance with a foundation in organizational development. We use teachable and practical mindful skill sets that are applicable to your role as a leader. Here are some examples of workshops we can provide to your organization:

Mindfulness Training:

  • Unhooking From the Stories that Lead Us.
  • Beginners Mind, Innovation, Creativity, and Problem Solving.
  • Acceptance and Handling Complex Emotions
  • Lead by Values, Vision, and Purpose, for Yourself and Your Team.
  • Leadership with Compassion and Empathy
  • Mindful Communication
  • How To Cultivate Positivity and Optimism in Challenging Times.

Other Leadership Workshops We offer:

  • Best Leadership Practices and the Traps We Fall Into
  • Organizational Vision, Purpose, and Strategy Alignment.
  • Coaching & Motivation: Access the Best of Your Employees.
  • Making a Culture of Engagement
  • Design a Strengths Based Organization