The Mindful Leadership Advantage team is comprised of Prem Selver, Creator of Leaders. Prem has 10 years of business experience in Leadership, Business Strategy, Organizational Development, Training, Facilitation, Sales and Customer Service. Prem’s expertise comes with 16 years of mindfulness experience and teaching. His achievements include the development and application of organizational strategies to initiate engagement, and doubling of organizational revenue by applying Mindful Leadership practices. His Masters of Business Administration, with a focus on Leadership, gives Prem a unique advantage of knowing well researched and proven best leadership practices. Prem’s passion is helping organizations activate their inherent people strength, and helping leaders achieve their best potential.


– 16 years experience in mindfulness
– 4 years teaching mindfulness
– Undergrad in Psychology
– Master of Business Administration with a focus on Leadership
– Certificate in Adult Learning
– 10 years Leadership experience with 5 years of developing and training Leaders