We use scientifically proven mindfulness methods to help leaders find their center, their strength, and be a resonant source of inspiration for their team.

Welcome to the Mindful Leadership Advantage where we are passionate about Mindfulness, Leadership and Organizational Development. That means we are passionate about you, your company and its people. Through workshops, we show how leadership skill sets are maximized by increasing awareness.

Just see what people say about the great work that The Mindful Leadership Advantage does.

I really enjoyed the mindfulness session with Prem. This was something new for me and I thought it was very insightful. I took away some useful tips that I will use… “”

The Zajac Foundation

It was a great experience and I would recommend him to anyone.

Muhammad Rahman
Faculty Member, College of New Caledonia

It has truly been a pleasure working with Prem, in my opinion the mindful leadership that he embodies is in short supply among many of whom we look to for leadership today.

Kevin Lee
Entrepreneur, Fluency Bridge

I’d definitely go back for another workshop.

Penny Parry

Such a valuable experience!

The Zajac Foundation

Achieved more than I thought I would. I did not think it was ‘my thing’ but I learned to just pause sometimes and take a breath. Helps to re-charge especially… “”

The Zajac Foundation


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